Saturday, April 05, 2008

Another cool thing happened today. Rebekah went to a technology conference at Sunnyside High and won two prizes. One was a gift basket from Sierra Nut House with a gift card from Barnes and Noble. The other was an Airliner. It is a tablet that allows you to wirelessly connect to a computer so you can roam around a classroom and continue to manage a slide show or other presentation. It is very cool. It is from the same folks who make the Smart Board.

San Joaquin River Trail

Today I joined some friends from church and walked part of the S. J. River Trail. We had become interested after seeing an article in the paper about a new bridge that makes it easier for bikers to use the trail. It was a nice hike. Here is our picture and one of some of the scenery. The river gorge is beautiful. I did about eight miles round trip. Some others hiked through to Sky Harbor, about eleven miles. Next time I'd like to go through too.