Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Old Truck

I spent most of the afternoon at Shawn's working on the old truck. I got the rear axles pulled and they came out just as I had had been told by some friends. Then Shawn and I got the left rear axle seal out which is why we pulled the axles in the first place.

I'm trying to decide on what to do about the master cylinder. I think I got it cleaned out enough to put in a rebuild kit and reuse. There are some options including going with a dual master cylinder so the front and rear brakes are on two different systems which is a safety thing newer vehicles use. I'm thinking that if I can I'll go with the original just cuz.

Here are some interesting links that have been helpful with old truck info.
1948-51 Chevy Truck Shop Manual
1937 - 1960 Chevy Specifications & Restoration Info
The Stovebolt Page -- For Old GM - GMC - Chevy Trucks!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yesterday and today I took my board to some friend's to practice. Today I waxed the board. It makes a big difference. The wax helps the board be less slippery. I found a website with some instruction and tips for newbie surfers. I've been trying to pull myself up on the board and then paddle.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Week of Surprises

I thought I couldn't be more surprised than I was when I saw the girls carrying a surfboard down the hall on Father's Day. Well I was wrong. Tuesday I was shocked to find out that my friend Shawn Nuefeld had gone to my brother's house in Chowchilla and brought home our dad's '51 Chevy Pickup for me. I guess it happened a month or two ago. Since then Shawn, Doug (my brother), Jan, the girls and all else involved have kept it a secret until I would be up to the Nuefeld's and be surprised. Well it sure worked. While I was visiting Tuesday evening, Emma (Shawn's daughter) invited me to go to the garage to see her bicycle. She and Josh (Shawn's son) escorted me though the utility room and Josh stepped aside letting me open the door, and there it was an old blue chevy truck.

Shawn and others (Matt rebuilt the carborator.) have been working on it and now I get to join them. Shawn says soon we'll be driving over to Humphrey's Station for a milkshake.

Here is a picture.
Here is another.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Here is another Board Picture.

Father's Day

Rebekah baked me a boysenberry pie for Father's Day from berries from our own backyard. It was delicious.

After dinner everyone surprised me with a surf board for a Father's Day present. I am still in shock about it. I have been talking about taking surfing lessons since last summer. We will be camping at the coast outside Santa Cruz the week of July 6th. I hope I can catch at least one wave. I'd like to hook up with the surf camp Wil and I saw last summer. They spend most of the year in Chile as missionaries and I haven't seen their web page updated for this summer yet. Well, having my own board will let us try it out on our own. I found some web sites to help novices get started. Here's one that has teaching videos. How to Wax a Surf Board | ExpertVillage Videos

Friday, June 13, 2008

When I got to the bus stop there were two guys with bikes waiting. So since I knew there is only room for two bikes on each bus, I rode home, up Cedar and then Barstow.
I rode my bicycle to work this morning. 12.4 miles, just over an hour. It was good. I plan on catching the bus to CSUF and riding home from there. I'd like to see how the bike racks on the buses work. Everybody loves my One Less Car shirt.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Sara gave me my Father's Day present today because she won't be here Sunday. It is this cool shirt.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Cycling to Work

I rode to church this morning then went out for a ride after. I decided the easiest way to ride to work would be to ride up Fowler Avenue to Ashlan then take Chestnut or Maple or Cedar south to Calwa. I'm thinking Maple might be best since it doesn't have Freeway 168 access. With only four busy days of school left, I might wait and give it a try when school is out. I figure it is about 14 miles one way.

Monday, June 02, 2008

So last Tuesday I crashed on my bicycle. I'm not sure what happened except that I watched my front tire sliding sideways and then ended on the sidewalk left shoulder first. Since then I haven't felt like blogging and hadn't ridden again until yesterday. My shoulder is much better. I even played softball with the Mountain View team today (They were short players.) and got my second, third and fourth hits this century.

Gas is still too high. I'm thinking about riding to CSUF and catching the 38 bus south to Calwa sometime before school is out.