Thursday, August 03, 2006

Today I put a roof on a storage container I built. I patterned it after something I saw in a Martha Stewart magazine. It is in the style of shabby chic, made out of some old doors. It looks like an outhouse. Right now there are some lawn tools and patio chairs in it.

Earlier today I downloaded Open Office on to Rebekah's new laptop. I learned about it at a technology training put on by the school district. It is an open source product that seems completely compatible with Microsoft Office and it is free.


timidvenus said...

bekah got a laptop? she said she was going to maybe get one, but i hadnt heard. what kind did she get??

George Rutherford said...

It is an HP. There was a coupon at Costco so she was waiting til it was good. She was torn between that and a Mac, but decided on the HP. It is real nice and not to big to carry around.
Some of them are bulky and too heavy.