Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bucket List

Mike Wise and his list for this year has me thinking. So here is the beginning of my list.

1. Surf Lessons- Last summer on our yearly camping trip to the coast, my friend Wil and I found the Anderson Family Surf Camp. Since then I've been thinking that learning to surf during our camping trip would be a good thing. They don't have this year's dates posted yet but I hope I can work in at least a day's worth of lessons. My cardiologist thinks I should stick to long boards. That's what he rides.
I'm thinking that if you only do old people stuff, it starts to rub off on you. So I'm going to try to think of some other less elderly things to do.


Bek said...

So, when we go camping do I get to take surffing lessons too? It sounds exciting...I cant wait!!

timidvenus said...

im out. after the infamous wipe-out/seal in my face trip i think ive had enough boarding. id be happy to watch from a nice, safe, tan distance though.

George Rutherford said...

I'd say both your ideas sound good. I think Sherry and I have decided on two sites this year so there will be plenty of room.

m.wise said...

I think that surf lessons this summer sound like a good start. you can surf with beckah and then rest/"tan" with sara.
where do you guys usually camp - pismo, santa cruz, santa barbara, san jose?

George Rutherford said...

Alrightythen Mike,
We camp at Manresa Uplands State Park. It is a walk-in campground on the coast outside Watsonville, near La Selva. It is only a hundred yards or so to the surf. It is nice and quiet with surfers and families. It might be just right for your goal of getting out. We usually go in early June.