Friday, February 01, 2008

the words:

1. pot 2. pan 3. spoon 4. fork 5. knife 6. glass 7. fire 8. water 9. light 10. sink
These are the words that Mike asked people to use in a story.
Here is my story.

The two young people stopped and considered the fork in the road.

“Let’s head left,” said Tom, “I’m pretty sure the village is that way.”

“I think you’re right,” said Fred, “lead on.” So they headed down the trail to the left. Soon, they heard the sound of a stream up ahead. When they got to the water, they realized that it would be too wide and probably too deep to wade. Looking around they soon found some dry wood to use for a raft. They used Fred’s knife to cut some vines and tied the logs together. Before too long, they were ready to board. Happy that their ride did not sink, they made their way across the stream. Tom said, “Use your glass and pan the other shore for a trail on that side.”

Fred studied the far bank until he announced, “I don’t see a trail, but there is a fire ring and I think a coffee pot in the shade of that large cottonwood tree. If someone is camping there, a trail can’t be too far.” He used a light branch as a paddle to head them toward the camp site.

Reaching the shore, they hopped off their raft and sent it down stream. As the boys passed the encampment, they resisted the urge to spoon themselves up a helping of the fish stew simmering on the fire. They found a trail heading in the right direction and lit out once again.

Before long they came to the outskirts of the village and were soon splitting wood for their grandmother.

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Adam said...

I enjoyed your story George. It made me wanna get up to the mountains with my pack. Thanks.

m.wise said...

thanks for taking part, george. sara assured me that you would. does anna have a blog?