Monday, May 26, 2008

Line in the Sand

$4.00/Gallon Gasoline
It is time for communities and people to draw a line in the sand over the cost of getting to work. We need local leaders who will begin looking for ways to help their communities break away from the gas pump. Can we begin to look for ways to encourage people to ride bikes, high mpg scooters, electric vehicles, mass transit, etc. to work?

I'm thinking we can. There must be answers out there.

I've been toying with the idea of biking to work. I live in East Clovis and work in Southeast Fresno, and wonder what a good route from Bullard and Armstrong to Cedar and Jensen would be.

I'm looking in to a moped.

Any ideas?


m.wise said...

I think the moped is a good idea, if you're comfortable with it. many people don't like the idea of being so exposed when traveling along side cars and trucks. But as a whole, motorcycles usually get good gas mileage. So I'm thinking an orange or green Vespa.
I haven't been by your church to see you in awhile; I hope you and your wife are doing well!

George Rutherford said...

Mike, I think I'd be fine on a moped driving through traffic. I figure it isn't much different that being on a bicycle.
Thanks, we are doing well. How about you?

Roz said...

Good post.