Monday, October 12, 2009


Saturday I bought an old Schwinn Crossover (1980s, Made in China, I believe the bottom of their Cross models.)from a lady who had it listed on Craigslist. I gave her the full asking price of $10. I brought it home, aired up the tires (They're still holding.), and cruised around the neighborhood. Sunday I rode it to church and back. Then later, cleaned it some and took apart and rebuilt the pedals. The bearings were a mess. Tonight I adjusted the brakes, cleaned some more and rode around a little. It is turning out to be a nice bike. I mentioned to Jan that it rides real well. She's thinking about riding it to work this week. I think it is worth $20 now. Before too long I'll put on new tires.

While looking up information on the Crossfit on the internet, I ran across a cool bike blog. I put a link to it on the right of this page. I am amazed at the things some people are doing to restore old bikes. Someday it would be interesting to find something really old like from the 50s or even pre WWII and see how close to original I could get it.

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timidvenus said...

i dont plan on restoring my beach cruzer, but i got a quote of about 120 to have it repainted nicely. christmas maybe???