Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Rebekah baked me a boysenberry pie for Father's Day from berries from our own backyard. It was delicious.

After dinner everyone surprised me with a surf board for a Father's Day present. I am still in shock about it. I have been talking about taking surfing lessons since last summer. We will be camping at the coast outside Santa Cruz the week of July 6th. I hope I can catch at least one wave. I'd like to hook up with the surf camp Wil and I saw last summer. They spend most of the year in Chile as missionaries and I haven't seen their web page updated for this summer yet. Well, having my own board will let us try it out on our own. I found some web sites to help novices get started. Here's one that has teaching videos. How to Wax a Surf Board | ExpertVillage Videos


anna said...

You're the coolest dad ever! I love you.

Adam said...

Sweet board. You'll have to post some picture when you start riding the waves.