Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Old Truck

I spent most of the afternoon at Shawn's working on the old truck. I got the rear axles pulled and they came out just as I had had been told by some friends. Then Shawn and I got the left rear axle seal out which is why we pulled the axles in the first place.

I'm trying to decide on what to do about the master cylinder. I think I got it cleaned out enough to put in a rebuild kit and reuse. There are some options including going with a dual master cylinder so the front and rear brakes are on two different systems which is a safety thing newer vehicles use. I'm thinking that if I can I'll go with the original just cuz.

Here are some interesting links that have been helpful with old truck info.
1948-51 Chevy Truck Shop Manual
1937 - 1960 Chevy Specifications & Restoration Info
The Stovebolt Page -- For Old GM - GMC - Chevy Trucks!


Uncle Skip said...

Chilton's automotive manuals are a really good source.
Sometime "back in the day" I remember rebuilding master cylinders using it.
the brakes even worked when I finished

George Rutherford said...

Good Idea, it seems like I remember checking out old ones from the library. I'll give it a try.