Sunday, October 26, 2008


I signed up to follow a blog today. Pushing Pedals is a blog by a young man who is riding his bicycle across the country.
I also have become a craigslist junkie. I have been looking for a road bike for myself.


Uncle Skip, said...

"I have been looking for a road bike for myself."
Do you mean the kind with those really skinny tires like they use in the Tour de France?

George Rutherford said...

I don't know, but the bike I rode a couple weeks ago had those kind of tires and it rode very well. It was at least 20 years old so I think I've decided that I don't need anything new to be a step up from the Raleigh I had in collage.

Uncle Skip, said...

I eyeballed a hybrid from TREK and thought it was pretty cool. Then they told me how much it cost.
I think I'll wait until the garage is cleaned out so I have a safe place to put it.