Thursday, January 19, 2012


Tonight mom is a little more disoriented than she has been lately. Now that I think about it I could have guessed that it would happen pretty soon, part of the up and down pattern we have noticed.
After dinner mom usually asks to go back to her place which is her bedroom down the hall. We've known for a while that she is a little confused about where she lives and sometimes thinks that her room is in another place. Usually though, when we start walking down the hall, she knows where we are and can even give directions.
Tonight when Jan wheeled her down the hall mom didn't recognize her room and wondered how she would get home. Before long she got in bed and is now resting peacefully.
A little later as we talked about what all this meant, Jan said, "All we want is for her to be content." And you know what, that is exactly it.

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Uncle Skip, said...

You know I admire, so much, what you two are doing.
There's a special place in Heaven.