Monday, January 16, 2012

Is that Geordie?

Growing up, my nickname was Geordie. My dad was George Rutherford the fifth and I am the sixth so up everyone called me Geordie. Mom always said my dad's mother gave me the nickname because in Scotland it is diminutive for George. It is part of my Scottish heritage. This morning I heard mom ask Jan, "Is that Geordie?"
It goes along with a pattern that we thought we had noticed. Some days mom seems stronger physically and others she's stronger mentally. Today must be a mental day. It looks like she is going to sleep most of the day.
Some days mom has been up most of the time and moving around pretty well. It's funny but days like today are a little more worrisome. I guess it's because when she sleeps a lot we feel like she is getting weaker, but if the pattern holds in a day or two she will perk up again.
Part of me will be Geordie then too.

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