Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bakersfield Babe

Today after work I drove to Bakersfield. When I arrived I got to hold the baby. I am still pretty good at holding a baby and having dinner at the same time.
After dinner I drove Sara to Target so she could shop for a few things that she needed. After shopping Georgia had a good meal and went to sleep. Right now Woody is holding Georgia sitting on the couch. Things kind of look like a Norman Rockwell painting.
It has been a very good evening.


Sherry said...

Would love to see you holding that baby. She's lucky to have you for a grandpa!

Anonymous said...

Hi George! Congratulations to you and Jan.....I think that Georgia will ALWAYS look to you in a "special way", with your beard, your soft voice and your kindness, she will see you has " THE GREAT SANTA!!!!"
She looks really very beautifull indeed!