Friday, July 14, 2006

Cool Understandings

I solved the problem of hanging the cooler on my pickup's window today. I scavenged a waist strap from an old knapsack and another from a bag to an old leaf blower, bent a couple large washers into hooks and what do you know? It worked. Next I'll go out for a drive and see what happens.
When I took the cooler apart there were two cords that I didn't understand. Last night I began to wonder if they were each wound around the cooler pad drum in different directions to allow the driver or passenger to pull one or the other to rotate the drum and re-wet the pad. I'm thinking that must be right so later I'll add those cords to see how things work. I've got some cord that almost matches the old stuff.
Alrightythen, I'm off for a test drive.


timidvenus said...

interesting. it looks kinda dorky, but its a neat idea, and i suppose that makes up for the dorkiness.

so did it work??

Skip said...

They looked dorky when they were new. Now they're Retro!!! I remember seeing them on lots of cars in The Valley when I was a kid,,, and that was a long time before somebody was younger. :-D said...

When we moved from Ill to Ca Dad had a 1950 Ford and we used that old cooler on the trip. We had to stop often and refill the cooler. we had canvas bags that were filled with water and hung on the front of the car. We used those bags to refill the cooler then when we got to a water stop the bags and the cooler would get refilled.

ps you were only a gleam in dads eye when we made that trip.

George Rutherford said...

Wow,I thought you'd have some memories of that type of cooler, but it is real cool that you remember this particular one.

timidvenus said...

wow, you guys are OLD!