Monday, July 24, 2006

Wow, this blogging could change a person's life. Who knew I'd still be pondering things I read on a blog days ago, or even conversations last week about the Dixie Chics? Anyway as long as it is okay to talk about little or nothing on one's blog, here are some thoughts connected to the Dixie Chics, last night's Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young concert and Ed's Blog from July 13th.

1. It is good to have political diversity.
2. It is good that the folks on either end of the political spectrum don't run the show.
3. It is good that we have those folks.
4. It is good that the president's obligation to protect the Dixie Chics' freedom of speech is greater than their obligation to agree with him.
5. Same about CSN&Y.
6. I still love their harmony.
7. Why do we listen to the famous?
8. Why do rock stars find political activism so easy when I struggle with talking to my neighbor about Jesus?


timidvenus said...

so, i guess csn&y had something to say?

Adam said...

I would argue point two and say that people more towards the right end of the political spectrum are running the show and it seems to be sliding ever further in that direction.

timidvenus said...

yes, adam, you would argue that.

i wouldnt though...

edluv said...

i think famous people find it easy to say what they think, whether it's political, social, whatever because they're generally given a platform without consequences. their neighbor isn't going to think they're some religious nut, there won't be awkward run ins at the supermarket if things go wrong, and so on.

which is why i respect the boldness of the dixie chicks, although i don't care for their music. they were willing to suffer through sales slumps, radio bans, and even threats against their lives to state their opinion. really, the crap they've had to put up with because one said she was embarassed the president was from her state. that's it. she didn't go on a big diatribe, as i've seen celebs on both sides do. she made a comment to a crowd overseas, and it was well received. they only caught heat here in the states. but, they've stood behind it, owned it, even with all the reprecussions.

George Rutherford said...

Regarding the Dixie Chics, I thought people made a bigger deal of it than they should've. I mean who hasn't said that kind of thing about one president of ther other?