Thursday, July 20, 2006

High Chair

I've had this box in my garage for a while now. The high chair that I had as a baby was inside. I don't remember being a baby and using it, but I do remember babies that came after me using it. It was a cool high chair. It hinged in the middle to become a car. It even had wheels, although no steering wheel.
I have spent a few days getting it ready to be put back together. Lots of the work had been done years ago, probably by my dad or sister. I finished sanding a few parts and remaking one. I still need to make a new tray to replace the plastic one that is missing.
Happily, whoever rescued the high chair also saved the hardware for the tray. I'm pretty sure I can make a wooden tray that will work well.
I've dry fit most most of the parts. In fact that is when I noticed the piece I had to replace. Today I hope to get the base glued up. If I get that right, adjusting the seat to fit when I glue it up should be doable.


timidvenus said...

so, is that going to stay at your house, or at mine?

George Rutherford said...

I'm thinking it will live at your house if it meets the approval of everyone.

timidvenus said...

sweet. then i dont have to beg someone to buy one for me!

edluv said...

that sounds awesome. sara and woody will love it. but will sugerbooger?

George Rutherford said...

Ah yes, The boogs.