Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Granny and the Internet

I helped mom get on the internet today. Several people had emailed her since Randy (my brother-in-law)set up her Yahoo account a few days ago. I don't know if she will get in to email. It was all so new to her. Using a mouse and clicking don't come naturally. I'll give her another lesson in a few days. There are lots of people who she could keep in touch with if she gets the hang of email so I think it is worth a little more effort.

I had no luck finding the crib part for Sara, although the garage is getting cleaned up pretty well.

1 comment:

timidvenus said...

did you see fresno.edu on your sitemeter? thats adam, the woodworker that youve heard about. he said he was going to go to yours since its so exciting to get hits and try to figure out if you know that person. also, you can put interests on your profile and people can search for you that way (like gps nerds, other teachers, chevy fans, etc.)

ill mail you the crib part and have you make another one, it turns out the company isnt in business anymore.